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Conqueror 3-Lambda

Three Laser Wavelengths out of one All-in-one System: The Allrounder for Maximum Flexibility

3-LAMBDA: Three laser wavelengths 1064 nm (max. 30 W), 532 nm (max. 14 W) and 355 nm (max. 12 W) are individually or in combination selectable via software control

Product features

  • External frequency conversion for a time-symmetric laser pulse < 10 ns
  • High single pulse energy: > 400 µJ at 355 nm
  • Significant single pulse peak power: up to 100 kW
  • Arbitrary repetition rate: 1 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Multiple Pulse Control (MPS) function
  • Air-cooling, water-cooling also available for e.g. clean-room processing
  • Expectable 100.000 hour life-time for the one diode-pump module
  • Also available as complete marking system with software package
  • Made in Berlin, Germany
Conqueror 3-Lambda Product Info
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