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10.2021: The CONQUEROR ALL IN ONE_355_25 HE is the trend-setting addition to our successful CONQUEROR series.

Thanks to its superior properties, the CONQUEROR ALL IN ONE 355_25_HE is by far one of the most versatile industrial lasers in the UV range and also makes it the first choice for future-oriented material processing.

The combination of high pulse energies and the high pulse peak power resulting from the extremely short pulses, combined with high average power, makes the laser a guarantor of unsurpassed processing results.

The short pulse lengths and the high beam quality of the laser are decisive for the lowest possible heat input in demanding machining processes of temperature-sensitive materials.

Unrestricted productivity and profitability

The CONQUEROR ALL IN ONE 355 25 HE not only provides an average power of 20W at 40kHz, but also a high average power of 15W at 100kHZ and a pulse length of 7ns. The short pulse length of the laser puts post-processing, such as combustion residues, in the background.

The time-symmetrical laser pulses, together with the high peak pulse power, lead to an impressive frequency conversion efficiency of over 50%.


Compared to other nanosecond lasers, the UV light-generating crystal is no longer subject to strong focusing laser radiation, which leads to accelerated degradation processes.

In addition, extra large crystal dimensions are used for long-lasting operation.

Outgassing-critical components, such as electrical actuators for positioning our laser's UV light-converting crystal, are mounted outside the beam source via a unique coupling mechanism.

Our "low volume cavity" architecture, together with the integrated gas purification module, ensures unrestricted absorption capacity and maximum reliability.

The modular design of the CONQUEROR ALL IN ONE reduces complexity to a minimum. The most important control functions for operating the laser are combined on one main board.


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New estate

01.05.2019: New building offers space for further growth

To meet the increasing demand for our solutions on the international market, it was necessary to create more space for higher production capacities.
The new building offers spacious, bright and partly air-conditioned premises. Compact Laser Solutions is looking for new professionals to strengthen our team.
The market for our pulsed short-time lasers is more in demand than ever, so the move into the new building was absolutely necessary.

New estate

01.2018: The excellent pulse characteristics generated by the CONQUEROR laser sources at all wavelengths are exploited for high-sensitive mass spectrometry

A research study by the BAM (Federal Institut for Material Research and Testing) using the CONQUEROR 3-LAMBDA system has recently demonstrated that airborne laser plasma as an ambient ion source for mass spectrometry is a very promising candidate for future applications, e.g. monitoring air quality.

Airborne Laser-Spark ION Source

Improved plasma properties, such as the excellent spatial and temporal definition, high electron & ion densities and a high effective cross section in maintaining the plasma result in a strong increase in emission brightness, in local reactive species concentration, and eventually in direct mass spectrometric sensitivity. 

For further information:


12.2016: CLS extends their product family of ultra-compact, Q-switch OEM laser sources for material processing and marking applications with the new MONOLITH series

You have the choice: MONOLITH CORE or MONOLITH ALL-IN-ONE with an average power up to 16 W @ 1064 nm, 12 W @ 532 nm and 6 W @ 355 nm.

MONOLITH CORE: Miniature palm-sized laser head of only 122 x 122 x 122 mm³ (incl. cooling-unit) with a weight < 3 kg. Can be combined with an ultra-small, palm fitting controller of only 150 x 150 x 115 mm³ (incl. cooling unit)

Pro: Maximum integration capability

Product features

  • Short laser pulse width: 4 to 10 ns
  • High single pulse energy: e.g. 500 µJ at 355 nm and 6 kHz
  • Significant single pulse peak power: up to 100 kW
  • Arbitrary repetition rate: 1 Hz to 500 kHz
  • Multiple Pulse Control (MPS) function
  • Expectable 100,000 hour life-time for the one diode-pump module
  • Air-cooling, water-cooling also available for e.g. clean-room processing
  • Also available as complete marking system with software package
  • Made in Berlin, Germany

MONOLITH ALL-IN-ONE: All components integrated into one unit of ca. 258 x 258 x 115 mm³ (incl. cooling-unit)

Pro: Reliable, service-friendly plug and play operation

Monolith All-in-oneMonolith Series
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Joint Project on Laser Micro Machining was successfully completed 2016

The joint project ProFIT 10156307 „LaMIK – Komponenten und Verfahren für die Laser-Mikrobearbeitung“ supported by EFRE and the city of Berlin, has demonstrated very successful improvements in the development of ultra-compact, efficient, high-power solid-state laser systems at COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS. 

The joint project was supported by the LMTB (Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin) in proved the high utlizability of the new laser systems for the efficient, high-quality micro-machining of different metals and glasses at 532 and 355 nm.

Optics Design
Conqueror @ NIF

Conqueror @ NIF

The worlds` smallest high-power-laser (CONQUEROR 532_14VSP) meets the world`s largest high-power-laser (NIF).

NIF is by far the worlds´ largest laser: It´s 192 intense laser beams are capable of generating nearly two million joules of laser energy in billionth-of-a-second-pulses!

Next to running many other interesting experiments, scientists at NIF are trying to produce fusion ignition with this gigantic laser. NIF is operated by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy`s National Nuclear Security Administration.

It took some time to get permission to publish the photos of the event. On the photos below you can see Dr. Bruno Van Wonterghem, NIF Operations Manager, unpacking and inspecting the first CONQUEROR 532_14VSP.

Click here for more photos
The new Conqueror Model 532_14VSP

The new Conqueror Model 532_14VSP

By far the smallest 532-nm-laser in this powerclass worldwide!

14 W @ 50 kHz (12 ns), TEM00 (M² < 1.2), 7ns minimal pulsewidth, enormous pulse peak power, pulse peak power control, 1 Hz - 500 kHz, highest efficiency, entirely aircooled and can even be operated battery-powered.


CLS completes it`s productportfolio of Q-switched DPSS-marking- and micro-mechaninglasers introducing the new CONQUEROR-series

Due to the fact that an average power-output of 5 watts combined with a high pulse-peak-power is sufficient for many applications, CLS decided to introduce the new CONQUEROR-series in addition to their more powerful BLADE-series (up to 75 watts).

Like the BLADE-series the CONQUEROR-series are also solely air-cooled. CLS will present the CONQUEROR-series for the first time at the Laser World of Photonics 2011.

Compared to the usual lasers including fibrelasers the CONQUEROR-series don`t only mark common materials but also copper, gold and glass (including in-glass-engraving) in excellent quality. Even on synthetic materials / plastics the CONQUEROR-series in most of the cases provides much better results then IR-fibrelasers.

For the simple reason that the CONQUEROR-series offer smaller spots, the typeface of micromarks is a lot more accurate. Moreover many synthetic materials an semiconductors react better when using a wavelengh of 532 nm, which results in a better result and/or colourchange.

With the CONQUEROR-series CLS has lauched a lasersystem with a very small footprint which is privileged for the integration in machine-parcs and in workstations in which a very small environment is found.

Next to the configuration with a wavelength of 532 nm a configuration with a wavelength of 1064 nm is also available. Striking is the price: The sophisticated lasersystem made in Germany combined with a high-speed-scanner is offered at a very competitive price.

Productsheet Conqueror

A research study of BAM confirms BLADE laser series as viable alternative to lasers typically used in LIBS and Raman Spectroscopy

A scientific publication of the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) verifies that our BLADE IR25 (1064 nm) featuring optional switching to frequency-doubled mode (532 nm) in an option to other lasers also used in LIBS and Raman spectroscopy.

The published article: ’Assessment of suitability of diode pumped solid state lasers for laser induced breakdown and Raman spectroscopy’, by: Marek Hoehse, Igor Gornushkin, Sven Merk and Ulrich Panne, available at JAAS (Journal of Analytical Atom Spectrometry, 2011, Advance Article), provides the detailed content.


In the following we cited some extracts of the paper:

“…following the development of laser technologies: from microchip and powerchip lasers with only 10mJ and 50 mJ of the pulse energy, correspondingly (model JDSUniphase, Nanolase, Meylan, France), to recent DPSS lasers with more than 1 mJ of the pulse energy and 25W of continuous power (Blade YVO4IR_25, COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS, Germany). This pulse energy is sufficient to breakdown virtually any material by focusing the laser with conventional optics. The high repetition rate provides such a large mass ablated that LIBS with DPSS lasers can outperform LIBS with FLPSS lasers even when the latter is operated in a double pulse mode.…


We demonstrated that DPSS lasers present a viable alternative to lasers typically used in LIBS and Raman spectroscopy. They offer the distinct advantages of low cost, compact size, small weight, and high durability. Their robustness and long operational lifetimes are well suited for heavy-duty industrial applications. In particular, we demonstrated that LIBS with the DPSS laser provides the competitive performance as compared to conventional FLPSS-LIBS. Despite a short plasma lifetime which limits a number of detectable photons, the high repetition rate overcomes this drawback and enables the detection of thousands of laser-induced plasmas per second. The high ablation rate results in LODs in the lowest ppm range that are among the best LODs for LIBS and can easily compete with the performance of double pulse LIBS…. “

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Smallest Laser

50 years after it's invention the worlds first laser shines again for the very first time ever in Germany

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the laser - one of the most epoch-making innovations of our century – Andreas Kuntze, the founder of COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS in Berlin, succeeded in bringing the worlds' first laser to the capital of Germany.

Kathleen Maiman herself presented the very first laser - which Theodore Maiman had invented on June 16th, 1960 - to public in the facilities of COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS in Berlin.

Andreas Kuntze professionally cleaned the 50 years old ruby-crystal and carefully re-adjusted the electrodes. After he had made sure, that the system was in a safe condition, he fired the laser.

It was overwhelming to imagine that the bright dark-red laserspot that we saw, was exactly like the one Theodore Maiman created 50 years ago for the first time ever. None of us may fathom what kind of emotions excited in him upon this occurence at that time.

Earlier this June, France had appreciated the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser by celebrating the event under the patronage of Nicolas Sarkozy in the Palais du Louvre in Paris with Kathleen Maiman as a guest of honour and several nobelprice winners and other important personalities.

Blade VS20

Exactly the performance that you`ve been looking for …

BLADE VS20 - incredible laserpower (20 watt q-switched, 532 nm / green) born in an ultra small footprint design. Just using air cooling (no need to use a complicated cooling-unit and/or to regulary exchange parts of the cooling system (for instance: ion exchangers, filters...).

It should also be mentioned, that due to the fact, that no liquids are used at all in our coolingsystem, the risk of the occur of leakages and therefore the risk of damaging the laser-source and other expensive repair-jobs caused by leakages is eliminated completely.

Our highpower-laser is only a little bigger than a typical postcard (200 x 200 mm). Consequently it can be very easily integrated into production lines.

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BLADE–technological quantum leap for laser in material processing (January 2008)

A true novelty - DuoBLADE, the world’s first laser, enabling to switch between selectable wavelengths, for maximum versatility in micro- and macro-material processing.

If marking, scribing, engraving or deep-engraving onto virtually all kind of materials such as metals, plastics, synthetik compounds and ceramics – the DuoBLADE will be ahead with its selectable 1064 nm, 532 nm or 355 nm wavelength.

Industriepreis 2008

INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008 – Award in production technologie for BLADE Lasersystem (May 2008)

CLS’s latest product roll-out, which combines particular advantages of matured DPSS-technology with the upcoming fibre-laser method into a revolutionary new laser concept, was rewarded during HMI 08 with the INDUSTRIEPREIS 2008.

The recognition and decoration under more than 600 applicants was illuminated as outstanding technolgy with easy-to-implement characteristics.


Market introduction of BLADE1064 laser series (June 2007)

The BLADE laser series is classified in a range of pulsed 1064 nm and 532 nm devices, offering superior beam-quality (near diffraction limited TEM00) at average output-power levels from up to 40W (1064 nm).

Pulse energies with 2 mJ @ 1 kHz corresponding with 1 mJ @ 30 kHz / 1064 nm respectively 1 mJ @ 6 kHz / 532 nm and pulse repetition rates up to 500 kHz, offer – in contrast to fibre laser concepts – the widest application spectrum at all, including gold-, copper-, glas diamond- as well as LIBS - and solar cell processing.

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