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Compact Laser Solutions for trendsetting Marking and Micro Machining Applications

COMPACT LASER SOLUTIONS (CLS) is an innovative German manufacturer for high-power, diode-pumped solid-state lasers. Based on over 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing, CLS is constantly improving their technology of laser sources and marking systems. CLS is provider of the first diode-pumped, air-cooled laser marking system, the first patented hand-held marking laser as well as the first patented all-in-one marking laser world-wide.

Located in Berlin, CLS is specialized in the development and production of ultra-compact, mobile and completely air-cooled lasers with an unique efficiency und exciting high peak pulse power. The miniature size and weight of the CLS laser sources are ideal features for the integration of manufacturer systems.

CLS offers several different Q-switch and continuous running laser product families and covers hereby the wavelength range of infrared (1064 nm), green (532 nm), UV (355 nm) and Deep-UV (266 nm). The wide selection of wavelength offers best conditions for an effective machining of a broad range of materials, such as glass, sapphire, teflon, copper, diamond, ceramic, and others. The stringent supervised fabrication of laser sources and complete marking systems at the CLS manufacturing site in Berlin is the guarantee for a maximum of product quality.

CLS enables customized solutions and escorts their customers from the first consultation over the process feasibility to the final on-site implementation of the delivered laser sources and marking systems. Every step in the development and fabrication of the laser source and electronics, software as well as the realization of complete system solutions for marking or machining is concentrated at the manufacturer CLS. The focused in-house development and fabrication of laser sources “from the initial idea to the last screw” allows CLS to act flexible for customized solutions and offers a sustainable customer service of highest quality.

Compact Laser Solutions
Compact Laser Solutions

CLS laser systems are utilized world-wide for micro-machining of practically every material as well as for marking applications in 24/7 operation, enabling constant quality and highest processing precision. CLS customers are well-known manufactures and component suppliers in the automotive industry, a number of companies in the semiconductor fabrication as well as several universities and research institutes, enjoying the unique combination of reliability, intrinsic value, and flexibility while operating a CLS laser system.

The highly skilled team at CLS is anxiously looking forward to aid you in your innovativ applications.

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