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Feasibility Study

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Sample Service: Marking and Machining

As general advice to our customers, we conduct sample services in our application lab to determine how close we are able to fulfill the requested requirements. This service is free of charge.

We offer sample services also on special laser material for (micro) machining tasks.  The estimated time and effort for a targeted feasibility study will be communicated to you before getting started. Naturally, we will try to conduct this service free of charge, if possible. Information on samples, processing and results are generally subject of a bilateral non-disclosure agreement.

Please,  use this link here to send us your samples together with a detailed description of machining goals and requirements.


Bilder müssen die mindestmaße von 600x600px haben!

Training Courses, Process Optimization

Our training courses and workshops are aimed to support you, e.g. in optimizing the wanted processing and in the long-term maintenance of value for the implemented CLS products.  

Physical and technical fundamentals on laser-material interactions are presented during the practical training by our competent team. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in participating in such a course program for further qualification.


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Repair, Spare Parts & Accessories

Our spare part service for all sold laser device is self-evident and even for systems installed in the yesteryears we keep spare parts available.

To offer a smooth repair service we stock predominant consumables at all times in our well-assorted warehouse.

Smart Factory

Bilder müssen die mindestmaße von 600x600px haben!

Smart-Factory (Industry 4.0)

Our laser systems are ready to meet the current trends of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. At customer request we will deliver CLS laser sources and marking systems equipped with an IP based communication interface, which allows you for example to accomplish web-based monitoring of your laser source.



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